Features are fun. They allow a writer to explore new worlds and meet new people on a daily basis, and they challenge the journalist to deliver accurate, insightful and honest copy that engages the reader and makes them think about the subject at hand.

I have written for over 20 different publications across many different markets and each time it is a thrill. If you need a reliable freelance who knows how to wrestle with grammar and punctuation, who understands what a deadline means, and who can whip up bright copy in an instant, then you probably want my mate, Jo. No, really, I can do all those things and with a smile.

I have written features on incredibly tight deadlines, features that have asked for the near impossible, and always delivered what the editor wants. Of course, I am also ego-free over here so if you don’t like it, I will fix it. No, the bump on my forehead is not from banging my head on my desk.

Need someone to write a feature on consumer technology, business technology, corporate communications, lifestyle, parenting or craft, then get in touch. I will deliver what you need on time.

tamsin oxford freelance

Publications I have written for include:

Future Bookazines: All About Google, Computing for Kids, Best of the Net

Brainstorm Magazine (column)

Conde Naste Brides

Connect Magazine (South Africa)

Daily Mail

GMB Magazine

Mail & Guardian


Microsoft Evergreen Guides


Official Windows Magazine

ParentDish (column)

Parent24 (column)

Paranormal Magazine

PC Answers

PC Format

PC Gamer

PC Zone

PC World


Pregnancy & Birth


The Review

Simply Knitting

SFX Magazine

Tech in Style


University Business Press

Unwired (South Africa)

Writing Magazine

There are others but every time I try to fill this list in, I forget them. Terrible…