About Tamsin Oxford



Tamsin Oxford has worked for a wide range of publications across three continents and time zones. She has undertaken corporate PR, editing, freelance editorial, blogging, SEO articles, indexing (books), proofreading, marketing and book editing.

I have over 18 years of writing experience and I don’t miss my deadlines so you won’t miss yours. I ensure you get good content and I am prepared to work with you until it is perfect.

I have written for national papers, niche publications, online behemoths, blogs, corporate communications, technology, business, parenting and lifestyle titles, craft titles, and book publishers.

Good copy, clever words, targeted text – these all make the difference between something to read and something that gripped your readers – and I can make this happen. I believe in what I do, I love the art of the word, and I thrive on new and exciting challenges.

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